Our company produces a range of outdoor chicken coops designed to meet the specific needs of family farms that need spaces equipped for a limited number of animals.

They are structures that represent, in different versions and sizes, an effective solution, practical and cheap, of pleasant aesthetics and minimum size, adequately protected for exposure to the elements and designed to be easily inserted in any environment.
The family chicken coops are made with tubular structures and galvanized steel sheet, equipped with nests, anti-waste troughs and automatic drinkers fed by leveler with float and directly connectable to the water network; the roof is made with insulated panels of shockproof and anti-freeze thermal walls, the walls in sturdy galvanized anti-mouse net, with 19mm square mesh, the floor with special PVC panels mounted on a galvanized load-bearing structure, entirely removable and supplied in kits that are easy to assemble. Anti-bear versions are available, designed and tested, they are effective in repelling animal attacks.

Produced in a basic model for the breeding of chickens and hens, they can be equipped with equipment to accommodate pigeons, geese, pharaohs, partridges, partridges, ducks, pheasants, game, rabbits and other farmyard animals. Special anti-bear model available, suitably modified and armored.


Mod. EGG LAYERS from 6 to 25 heads

Mod. BROILER from 8 to 30 heads