The great innovation of FAZA production for outdoor or organic farming. A robust, compact and versatile structure that can accommodate, in different versions, chickens, breeding animals or fattening items.

Equipped as standard with adjustable anti-waste feeders, nests with external container for egg collection and automatic drinking trough with continuous filling system from PVC tank for food. Hinged front door with flap opening for entry and exit of animals and with traditional opening to allow maintenance operations.

Two compass opening windows on the side walls allow for proper air circulation; they are protected by mesh panels. Perch / raised floor made with special modular PVC panels designed for the appropriate evacuation of manure directly to the ground.

BreederArcanido - pollaio-poultry house- hen house - poulailler pour poulets ou pondeuses
for 100 chickens or 80 hens

It does not require authorization for installation. It is equipped with two or more twin wheels (depending on the length) for manual movement, or for transport with the appropriate towing hook for the tractor (optional). Ground supports arranged on the four corners allow the consolidation of the stability and the leveling of the structure once positioned.

Breeder Arcanido is now also available in the extra large format. The new maxi mobile shelter has the same characteristics as the other Breeder Arcanido models: sturdy and resistant structure, walkable raised floor prepared for waste disposal, sloping roof in galvanized sheet metal. All in the new module format of mt. 2.70 width x 3 prof. Possibility to have customized solutions based on your needs for the number of items. Each module provides 8.1 square meters for outdoor breeding, or for organic farming.


 Mod. LAYING HENS: from 30 to thousands heads

Mod. BROILER: from 40 to thousands heads.